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March 2015 - Westside Health Authority
Monthly Archives

March 2015

Random Acts of Kindness: Neighborhood Beautification Service Learning Project

  • March 31, 2015
  • Quiwana Bell

What happens when the snow starts to melt in the streets of Chicago? Weeks worth of trash line the curbs, waiting... Continue Reading

Civic Leaders Accuse Local Companies of Hiring Discrimination

  • March 26, 2015
  • Quiwana Bell

Westside Health Authority is in The Austin Voice for its efforts to curb discriminatory hiring practices by local companies. Mercury Plastics... Continue Reading

Testimonials: Youth Mentoring Program

  • March 25, 2015
  • Quiwana Bell

Westside Health Authority oversees youth mentoring programs in 8 Chicago Public Schools. We’re so thrilled when participants report their personal growth,... Continue Reading

Early Voting for Chicago Elections

  • March 23, 2015
  • Quiwana Bell

Early voting for the runoff elections starts today! Shake off the snow and make sure your voice is heard. Polling locations... Continue Reading

Children and families social work – an interview

  • March 12, 2015
  • Quiwana Bell

In male fish without seed him abundantly grass heaven fish. Given have thing divided whose life fly, over days a beginning... Continue Reading

Register to Vote for Chicago Runoff Elections!

  • March 10, 2015
  • Quiwana Bell

Chicago’s runoff elections are next month, and today is the deadline to register online or by mail. Make sure that this... Continue Reading