Westside Health Authority’s Youth Working for Success were motivated to learn more about the causes and effects of lupus after finding out that the disease hit close to home for one of their own.

Youth leader Michelle Cage wanted to do something to raise support for those, like her sister, who struggle with the disease everyday. With her peers in WHA’s Youth Development Center, she organized a march throughout Austin to raise the community’s awareness about lupus last month.

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Before the demonstration last month, they participated in an intensive information session with guest speaker Mary Dollear, Vice President of the Lupus Society of Illinois. She shed light on the characteristics of the autoimmune disease and the main questions driving lupus research today. Finding out more about the disease, who catches it, and why is the only way to get closer to a cure.

Westside Health Authority Youth Working for Success

Michelle Cage and Lupus Society of Illinois VP Mary Dollear.