Community Organizing

For WHA, the people making up the Austin community know best what its needs are, and how to address those needs. Because of this belief, we depend on the input and guidance of committed community leaders to provide directives for each of our initiatives. Through community organizing, WHA provides the space, resources and impetus for neighbors and local stakeholders to build strong, supportive networks that take responsibility for the changes they want to see.

Community Re-Entry

Our Community Re-entry efforts address the needs of men and women returning home from incarceration. Our center offers complete employment and support services that aim to provide life’s basic necessities as well as spiritual and emotional guidance needed to reduce recidivism and help rebuild lives.

Employment Services

WHA specializes in providing support and access to opportunities for those seeking employment. Our caring and dedicated staff works with clients of varying needs and backgrounds to find solutions to the obstacles keeping them from a stable career path.

Health & Wellness Promotions

In keeping with our mission, WHA attempts to promote healthy decisions and lifestyles in all of its efforts. We take a holistic approach to the wellness of the community and its residents; offering guidance, services and activities that benefit the mind, body and soul.

Real Estate Development

Through the purchase and renovation of blighted and often foreclosed homes, WHA provides jobs and affordable housing while beautifying the neighborhood.

Youth Development

Our Teen Center is a safe haven for young adults in Austin and surrounding communities. We offer young people between 11 and 24 years old the space to express themselves positively. Through a variety of activities and initiatives, we work with program participants to cultivate their talents and interests so that they can recognize the power they possess to be change agents in their community.