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We believe that an individual’s well-being is linked to that of their family and community, and that addressing the social and environmental factors that help shape one’s behavior is critical in empowering individuals to make healthy decisions. WHA relies on the efforts and input of community members to gauge Austin’s overall wellness and identify obstacles individuals might face in prioritizing their health. Informed by the ongoing collection of this crucial data, our Health Promotions initiatives have provided access to support and services that raise health literacy, offer free or affordable medical care, and get the community moving together.

  • Through the Affordable Care Act, we offer education and enrollment services to Chicago residents in need of health insurance. 1500 individuals have been enrolled so far through this program, made possible by Illinois Department of Public Health.
  • The Community Wellness In-Home Visitation Project is tasked with conducting quarterly in-home observations and surveys for 16,000 of Cook County’s recipients of home health services to assure their needs are being adequately addressed by qualified providers. Follow-up services for needs identified through the visits are also provided through case management. Twenty Wellness Workers from the community, including some youth, were hired and trained for this project, sponsored through the Illinois Department of Health Services and supported by State Representative LaShawn Ford.
  • In collaboration with the Hektoen Institute, we offer consultation services to assist in the cultural training of Cook County physicians. This training, done by EBV Citizen Leaders, provides physicians with education on how to effectively communicate with their patients in order to improve health outcomes.
  • Citizen Leaders from Every Block A Village and participants in our youth department collaborate to install and maintain community gardens throughout Austin.