The Village – Chicago Avenue Cultural Corridor

Special Service Area

Special Service Areas provide enhanced services and programs, beyond those provided by the City.  The goals of these programs and services are to ultimately improve the social and economic health of the community.   The goal of the programs and services in an SSA are designed to help make the area safer, improve the appearance of the area, and establish or strengthen the community’s identity.


Proposed SSA Boundary: 4600 W. Chicago Ave—5600 W. Chicago Ave.


How will these changes affect you, your family, and the community as a whole?

While we can’t identify all of the changes that an SSA will create, we can share some of our goals for the proposed area.  These are some of the immediate needs we see in the community, needs that we hope to address with SSA services and programs: 1. Safety; 2.Beautification; 3. Cultural Identity; 4. Business retention and attraction that reflect the cultural interest of the community.

What can I do to show my support or voice my concern about the SSA?

Participate in the Planning! Come to community meetings, find out more about SSA’s throughout the city, work with WHA to identify and prioritize needs and resources.  Take the Needs Assessment Survey using this link to share your thoughts on SSA services, get to know and talk with members of the Advisory Committee



Advisory Committee

Amara Enyia  – Austin Chamber of Commerce                         |    Morris Reed—Westside Health Authority

Contrell Jenkins  – Livelystone Church                                        |    Percy Giles—Every Block A Village Church

Alderman Emma Mitts  – 37th Ward Alderman                         |     Tyrone Dixon  – Jos. R. Jones Funeral Home

Apostle Joseph C. Kyles—The Promise Church of Chicago      |     William (Willie) Cade  – PC Rebuilders

Pastor Larry Lockhart  –    Healing Temple COGIC