The WHA/ Get In Chicago summer mentoring program, Band of Brothers/Set of Sisters, was a success in many ways. Youth were able to gain new experiences and skills, mentors helped them express themselves better, and the youth and their families agreed they would love to return to the program if possible.

Below we compiled more indicators of the program’s efficacy, gauged by the youth.

The goals were categorized as:

  • 88% of all youth reached a minimum of reaching 1 goal of completing the entire program.
  • 47%  reported increase in self esteem as result of life skills groups and mentoring.
  •  30% reported support for interest in their education and career due to mentoring and team building activities.
  • 27% reported improved punctuality and increased ability to organize or manage multiple activities due to program structure and activities.
  • 41% reported they felt their own values became more positive as result of working with mentors one to one.
  • 36% of youth reported learning something new such as an activity or skill.
  • 33% reported improved social skills such as improved ability to speak in a group, reduced anxiety in social settings and making new friends due to groups and mentoring.
  • 41% reported having a more positive view of their community and future as result of group activities such as meeting with local business owners and mock trial experience with 15th district police.