WHA was proud to partner once again with One Summer Chicago, a program that works to curb violence by providing summer employment to local youth. Our participants worked on the infrastructure team, earning money while they beautified their communities. Below are pictures and testimonials from the youth and program supervisors.


I liked cleaning and knowing we made a difference in the neighborhood made me feel good about myself. I had a really good time working with my co-workers, they are great. My supervisors were the coolest peple I could meet and they took really good care of us. I want to be a teacher and help others also.

–Taliyah, OSC Participant

I enjoyed myself had fun meeting new people and learning new things. It felt good to
try something new and work together as a team. Supervisors pushed us hard to do our
best but they also showed us how it is in the real world.

— Erin, OSC Participant

Working with Westside Health Authority has been a great way to understand how it will be when you find a job and need to manage your money. I also learned how hard it can be to make it in life. The supervisors made working fun and kept us active as well as helped with any problems.

Jajuan, OSC Participant

As we walked the boulevards simply picking up paper the people in the community showed their appreciation, they thanked us over and over again. They offered the kids help, water, food and jobs — YES, JOBS! We enjoyed being appreciated so much we began working even harder.

–Jesse Duncan, OSC Program Supervisor


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